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The United States Freedom Network was created to provide a safe place where a free people can speak out against its government, politicians, courts and judges in order to bring about changes in our government for the good of its people. Now expanded to expose those owners, executives and industries, like the Debt and Tax Relief Industries, that target those who can least protect themselves. The U.S. Freedom Network is located offshore to protect our most sacred freedoms.

Remember when people had to be accountable for their actions? The United States Freedom Network (usfreedomnetwork.com) and its related Freedom Member websites are about this one simple principle. If a trusted official, business executive or company breaks the trust of their office, position or stated purpose, the U.S. Freedom Network will put a spotlight on that person, company or organization which won’t dim until their bad acts are accounted for and rectified.

To those who served, many remember the oath we took in Basic Training to “Defend the US Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”. Now more than ever, we have to ask ourselves, who is the enemy? The U.S. Freedom Network was established in response to the following: a President who was voted the liar of the year, public officials who lie to keep their jobs and courts, attorneys and judges who seem to believe themselves above the law. Government entities, like the IRS and the NSA are being used to attack political enemies and to stockpile our personal information. It would seem that our government has forgotten that it exists to serve and protect its citizens and not the other way around.

Our Constitution was once a beacon to other nations and people around the world. Now, politicians and judges, without fear of accountability, ignore the Constitution, turning our Country into one not recognized by those who risked life and limb to defend it. These politicians are bold, their intentions are clear: they wish to destroy our constitution, which will assuredly lead to this country’s demise.

Our nation’s founders knew that the biggest safeguard against the tyranny of government was the 1st Amendment, the right of free speech and a free press. Freedom was held by them and those patriots who followed, above all else.

The United States Freedom Network website, like all websites belonging to the U.S. Freedom Network, is located in Amsterdam. No one person controls this website, nor knows who the other contributors are, or where they’re from. The content of this website is cached (copied) around the globe. This website’s editors and writers only control their own content until it is published, and therefore, no U.S. Freedom Network Member’s Website can be taken down by any one person. We will comply with Amsterdam Court Orders, but will defend the right of free speech with both vigor and fortitude.

Neither the United States Freedom Network nor any U.S. Freedom Network Member, will allow any content that is immoral or illegal. No Freedom Member will take down postings about institutions or individuals if they are backed with verifiable facts. No advertiser has any influence whatsoever over the stories published by U.S. Freedom Network Members. Many of the Freedom Member Websites are dedicated to exposing corruption and bias in our institutions, courts and the legal profession in general. We chose Amsterdam and not a government that is hostile to the United States. Our goal was not to avoid just laws, but rather to place U.S. Freedom Members Websites and their contributors one step beyond the self-serving, politically motivated U.S. courts, judges and attorneys, forcing them to file lawsuits in a country that will judge articles on their truth, not on who they expose.

Please feel free to make comments at U.S. Freedom Network Websites, but use caution. One of our contributors, an expert on security, told us that for most postings on Freedom Members Websites, you should feel the additional freedom of speech offered by its offshore status.

For additional privacy, you will need to first contact us using our contact form and tell us how you wish to communicate: sip phone, email or messaging. One of our volunteers will verify who you are, and if you’re okayed, you will be sent a link to download your choice of communication software. Note that all communication will be doubly encrypted using random algorithms and keys changed for each communication. If your information is highly sensitive, you should send it using, at minimum, an onion router. We highly recommend you use a VPN -> onion router combination for the best security during our communication. We always use the VPN -> onion router on our end to best protect the identity of the member and contributor, neither of which knows the name or location of the other.

The U.S. Freedom Network has published an Online Security Guide which will empower you to better protect yourself and your online security. It even walks you through creating a new online identity, highly recommended to best protect your privacy and security.

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