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WARNING! Please use .nl instead of .com if you see a "Government Shut-down Page" all usfreedomnetwork.com hosted sites will be available using website.freedomnetwork.nl where website does not contain the extension .com, .net, etc. Full Story.

Mexican Pharma Gets Rare “F-” Rating: STAY AWAY!

The Mexican Pharma (themexicanpharma.org) received an F- Rating and a very rare “STAY AWAY!” warning after a long and detailed investigation by the U.S. Watchdogs. The Mexican Pharma recently lost its credit card processor and can no longer accept credit cards. Why? Full Story

    eBay Equalizer: eBays Seller Protection Scam - Fight Back!

    The U.S. Freedom Network announced today that its site, kloudkover.org, is being provided to allow users who have been thrown under the bus by the new web monopolies, a new recourse. Based on the revolutionary KodeGen kode generator, the kloudkover.org websites will use this powerful text generator to create Full Story


      As we reach retirement, we baby boomers have always thought our retirement money would be there for us. But what happens if a Billionaire hires the second largest 401K administrator in the country, Great-West Financial, and got them to lie in order to deny an employee his money, can this and will this happen to you? Full Story

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