Your Store Offshore

The whole idea of the Freedom Mall is to provide a place to buy and sell items without fear of retribution for those purchases. We already know how the IRS targeted groups with “Patriot” in their names. Our government simply can be no longer trusted to protect our rights to privacy or freedom of speech. While illegal and immoral items are not allowed, freedom of speech and privacy are applauded.

We offer four levels to help our members sell their services and products. For smaller vendors, we offer concession stands (vendors) in our mall with no hassles. We handle the payments for Bitcoin, PayPal and Credit Cards. You receive a monthly check for all sales, less processing charges (PayPal, Credit Cards, BitPay, Etc), taxes and any commissions earned. For those who require their own eCommerce store, we offer Store Fronts in our Freedom Mall. You get a full-featured OpenCart control center. You can be up and running in minutes (if you know your required information and have a payment processing account). We charge independent Mall Stores based on the amount of traffic they receive. We make sure that each store receives the resources required to guarantee their users an enjoyable experience. Lastly, we offer scalable website hosting for those wishing to have control over every aspect of their store. Scalability in website hosting ranges from shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers.

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