Your Group Offshore

The U.S. Freedom Network offers full-featured Community Portals that help protect your Group’s right to privacy and free speech. U.S. Freedom Network Community Portals offer WordPress to get your Group’s information out to members using the World’s best Blogging application. Then we add BuddyPress, giving your Group the social tools that will keep your members in-touch with optional Group Calendars and Media. Your Group will be hosted in Amsterdam, one step away from prying eyes and politically motivated judges. While we will not tolerate any immoral or illegal activity, we fully support freedom of speech. Your Group can be set to be public, where anyone can see your content, or private, where only members have access to your content.

We will host a Community for your group for free if you provide a free service that benefits those who most need protection from people who abuse the power of their position. Please use our Contact Form to see if your Group qualifies for free hosting.

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