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Hosted by the U.S. Freedom Network

The U.S. Freedom Network Servers are located in Amsterdam and cached (copied and made available) from servers around the globe. If you would like the freedom of writing your blog offshore, we offer two solutions.

  1. If you will be publishing topics that are of interest to our readers, we will host your WordPress Blog for free. It may or may not contain advertisements for the benefit of the U.S. Freedom Network to help defer costs. If you would like to start enjoying the freedom of blogging from an offshore location, and optionally using a “Nom-de-Plume” (secret identity), use our contact form to see if you’re eligible for a free WordPress Blog.
  2. We offer low-cost hosting of Blogs. These blogs must also comply with our guidelines and will not be subject to any advertisements. If you would like a low-cost hosted solution, please see our Freedom Express.

We also offer Community Hosting for Groups and full Website hosting on our Amsterdam Servers.

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