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The Website you are currently visiting (Freedom Website) is a member of the United States Freedom Network (Freedom Member) and as such is bound by the following:


Remember when people had to be accountable for their actions? The United States Freedom Network ( and its related Freedom Member websites are about this one simple principle. If a trusted official, business executive or company breaks the trust of their office, the U.S. Freedom Network will put a spotlight on that person and/or company which won’t dim until their bad acts are accounted for and rectified.

Publishing Rules

Freedom Members are always looking for contributors and true stories about the abuse of power by government officials, and those government officials that are a credit to their jobs; how both the good and the bad affect us all. If you write about a government official or other related party, you must have verifiable facts before we publish your story.

We have expanded “Purpose” to target Industries like the Tax and Debt Relief companies and their owners who prey on those that can least afford it, or Attorney’s who use their law degrees to take advantage others.

All of Freedom Member Posts allow comments. If your post is proved to be false, we will remove it and replace it with the comment that disproves your claims. Many times there are contradictory facts, and in that case, we will balance the exposure to both sides of the story.


Communication With Us

To contribute, you will need to first contact us using our contact form and tell us how you wish to communicate: sip phone, email or messaging. One of our volunteers will verify who you are, and if you’re okayed, you will be sent a link to download your choice of communication software. Note that all communication will be doubly encrypted using random algorithms and keys changed for each communication. If your information is highly sensitive, you should send it using, at minimum, an onion router. We highly recommend you use a VPN -> onion router combination for the best security during our communication. We always use the VPN -> onion router on our end.

Once you have installed your secure software, we will send you a one-time-use key that will allow you to send information to us. You will be sent a new key for each communication. We use a random third-party secure site for communication. We don’t know who you are, and you will never know the volunteer with whom you are communicating. What is important here, is that people can tell their stories with minimum risk. Here, it is solely the facts that matter, not the status of whom they embarrass.

Writers, Tech Volunteers and Large Contributors

Please note: We require anyone who becomes a part of The Freedom Network, from tech people, to writers, to major contributors, to sign a paper Non-Disclosure Agreement which will prohibit you from discussing any knowledge you have of The U.S. Freedom Network, no matter how small.

You will receive the agreement by snail mail from a third party, overseas mail forwarder. It will contain a self addressed envelope to return the signed agreement, again through third party, overseas forwarders. Until the signed agreement is in our possession, our communication will of course be limited.

The How & Why of The Freedom Network Security

The U.S. Freedom Network has published an Online Security Guide which will empower you to better protect yourself and your online security. It even walks you through creating a new online identity, highly recommended to best protect your privacy and security. Advanced users should see the latest on NSA and Government spying information here.

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