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The Website you are currently visiting (Freedom Website/FREEDOM WEBSITE) is a member of the United States Freedom Network (Freedom Member/FREEDOM MEMBER) and as such both you (Visitor/VISITOR) and the Freedom Member are bound by the following:

The Freedom Member does not collect any information on its users as an organization, period. However, in order to bring you the services available at this website, the web applications we host to provide certain services to visitors may require certain user information in order to execute their services. For example, Groups and Membership require certain information in order to function.

You should review the privacy policies at the various web applications we use, including but not limited to those listed and linked above for the specific Privacy Policies of each of those organizations.

We highly recommend to those seeking a higher degree of anonymity that they use a separate online identity.

The How & Why of The Freedom Network Security

The U.S. Freedom Network has published an Online Security Guide which will empower you to better protect yourself and your online security. It even walks you through creating a new online identity, highly recommended to best protect your privacy and security. Advanced users should see the latest on NSA and Government spying information here.

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