U.S. Freedom Network Transitioning from .com to .nl

US Courts Shutdown of US Freedom Networks FearedIn order to protect our most precious right, freedom of speech, we’re changing our main domain extension from .COM to .NL. As noted in many news stories, if you have a U.S.-controlled domain extension like, .com, .net, .biz, .org, etc., you are subject to U.S. jurisdiction, even if your servers are not based in the U.S.

Since the latest tactic by attorneys is to get a friendly Judge in the U.S. Courts to order the shut down, generally without a hearing, of these domain types, we are taking our own advice and getting proactive.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently transitioning to our .nl domain while keeping our .com domains active. We will continue to keep our U.S. controlled extensions unless shut down by the Government. We should have the .nl domains working shortly. Please bear with us. Thank You. (Don’t bookmark .nl yet)

Our main servers are all being removed from extensions within U.S. jurisdiction. The U.S. Freedom Network Servers will reside at usfreedomnetwork.nl. uswatchdogs.net will still be available at uswatchdogs.usfreedomnetwork.com and will continue to work unless the U.S. government decides to shut us down. We are also available at uswatchdogs.usfreedomnetwork.nl.

We are about to announce the most advanced legal document creator in history, and it is designed for Pro Se Litigants. While attorneys will be allowed to participate at our website, our focus is to provide an easy way for Pro Se Litigants to file lawsuits against predatory Internet businesses.

Since attorneys will receive no compensation from this new web application, how do you think they will react? We have licensed a new hosting domain extension, .nl, in the Netherlands, which will host all United States Freedom Network websites including this one. All of our URLs (uswatchdogs.net or uswatchdogs.usfreedomnetwork.com) will continue to redirect correctly, but, as we stated above, if you are redirected to a U.S. Court web page, we will be available at uswatchdogs.usfreedomnetwork.nl. Please make a note of that and bookmark us here.

The United States Freedom Network is about to level the playing field by giving consumers the ability to quickly file lawsuits against the new web monopolies, like eBay, Tax Relief Companies, Debt Relief companies and other predatory companies.

Coming Soon: kloudkover.nl is under construction and will be the first true consumer “fight back” website, exposing so-called user review sites like Yelp and others, who accept advertising from the very companies they claim to let you rate. But the real power of kloudkover.nl (you can use kloudkover.org while available) is the KloudKover Equalizer, which can create mounds of Small Claims Court filings complete with discovery and demand letters. The Equalizer also can keep track of each filing to allow for class actions lawsuits against those online companies who feel themselves above the law.


Irony: Once upon a time, America was the very meaning of freedom of speech, sadly, that is no longer true.

Thank you and fight back at kloudkover.nl.

U.S. Freedom Network


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