Our Services

U.S. Freedom NetworkThe U.S. Freedom Network offers a number of services for our visitors and members. To start with, we will publish the stories that most U.S. based news sites won’t touch, or which don’t generate the kind of readership they are looking for. We offer free blogs to those who want to publish a blog of interest to our visitors and members. We also offer paid offshore hosting of blogs, group portals, websites and our Stealth Accounts.

We offer paid services to set up numerous items like creating online identities. For the vast number of such services, we have created a guide which shows how to set up these services for those who want to do it themselves.

Our Community

U.S. Freedom NetworkJoin our Community and share your thoughts with others. Be sure to check out our Groups. Each Group can support its own forums, media and document sharing, with more features coming all the time.

Ground Zero

U.S. Freedom NetworkIn order to protect your anonymity and right to speak freely, you have to know how to best protect yourself. It starts with your personal computer and your connection to the Internet. If you purchase services and products to protect your privacy, like a VPN, you can be tracked by the credit card you use and the IP address you come in on to make the purchase.

We have prepared a no-nonsense Security Guide written from our own experience and intended for those who value their privacy. You will learn how SSL, while giving you a false sense of protection, is actually used by hackers and Government three letter agencies to track everything you say and do online. You will also learn about Bitcoins, Onion Routers, VPNs, Firewalls, Key Loggers and Back Doors. And that’s just the beginning. The Security Guide is a work-in-progress. It is frequently updated and expanded because like any security system, the “bad guys” are constantly devising new ways of defeating it.

We also offer Stealth Accounts that provide users with a high level of security. Stealth Accounts include encrypted e-mail, messaging and sip-phones with very affordable rates to use with your new online identity.

Welcome – Use Caution!

U.S. Freedom NetworkThe United States Freedom Network is located in Amsterdam to keep writers and contributors one step beyond the self-serving and politically motivated U.S. courts, judges and attorneys. It has https, the internet standard for secure connections, available for users. However, even https is not enough to keep your privacy safe anymore. For more information on keeping yourself safe on the Internet, we highly recommend our Security Guide, and particularly the section on Creating a New Online Identity. Our organization exists to provide a safe, private community of websites and blogs that believe in our sovereign rights to Freedom of Speech and Privacy.

We are a fluid community designed with expansion in mind. One of the main objectives is to publish stories about abuse of those who can’t afford a high-priced Attorney to get their story in the news. We expose people who believe their position places them above reproach. This includes Judges, Attorneys, Social Workers and Government Officials. Also on our list are any companies and the people behind those companies that take advantage of those who are the most vulnerable and can least afford it.